I am looking for experienced commercial pilots with international radiotelephony experience for my PhD research.

If you have 20 minutes to spare and have access to Skype or Zoom then I would really like to hear from you. All nationalities with Level 4 required.

The Interview

This will take around 20 minutes and will be recorded. It will be totally anonymous and I will not use your name, I will only refer to you as Respondent 3, for example.

It will be a semi-structured interview with 8 guide questions about communication between native and *non-native English speakers.


Please, if you are interested and would like to contribute your expertise and experience to this research then please contact me on [email protected]. You may also contact me on WhatsApp +44 7950 72 62 46

This research is being conducted through and regulated by Leicester University in the UK.

*I only use the terms native and non-native because these are the terms with which most people are familiar, this does not, in my mind, mean that speakers of other first languages are deficit models.